December 24, 2016

Geonetry For Small Business Owners

Our patent pending platform is revolutionary in using user-location for serving multiple websites under the same domain.

Thousands of domain remain unexploited for there is a mismatch between the ROI a business can manage from an awesome domain versus the ‘premiumness’ of a domain. This is a case with local businesses that can serve a limited region.

We have built a platform that enables a premium domain to be used as a vanity domain in addition to a less catchy/memorable business brand domain name, or the best domain a local business could find.

Imagine, now you can sell a domain to similar businesses in 1000 cities for 1/10th the price and eventually get 100x the return!

We can setup a domain to be shareable within 24 hrs.

We are happy to set up your domain for you to try with your potential  multiple buyers. Please contact us.