December 24, 2016

Geonetry For Small Business Owners

Increasing credibility and leadership in your marketplace through a quality domain name

Could your regionally-based business benefit from a memorable industry specific, domain name (web site address) to help your customers find, remember and refer you to their personal and social networks?

Maybe you aren’t ready to allocate five or six figures to purchase the perfect category-unique domain that reflects your products and services?  However you do have a monthly marketing and advertising budget and would like to increase its potential and reach?

At GEONETRY, we can match you with a premium memorable domain name/ web address that lends itself to your specific products and services, so you can take advantage of branding yourself under a sought after domain name exclusively, in your geographic area of business at a fraction of the cost.

  • You can use this memorable brand in all of your radio, TV, print and Internet advertising.
  • Geonetry’s patented tools and technology enable your specific business’ web page content to be displayed using that premium, intuitive, domain name, when Internet customers in your designated region are seeking your type of products or services.
  • Using a great domain to enhance your brand gives you increased credibility and leadership in your marketplace, and the potential to be the “top of mind” “go to” merchant in both online and offline channels

For a demonstration of our platform, and more information on how we can match you with a premium domain for your business, at a not so premium price tag!…email us.